Are you ready for an Enterprise Connectivity revolution?

5G, it’s more than just a data rate. It is the trigger that will launch the IoT use cases of Enterprise dreams.

In this exclusive analyst report, Juniper Research explores how 5G and IoT will unlock real business value in today’s connected economy.

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Much of the conversation about 5G roll-out has been focused on data speeds for consumers. However, the standard itself is increasingly focused on enterprise connectivity, thanks to the features getting incorporated into 3GPP standards for 5G. This enables features beyond the raw data rates that allow the technology to be of far greater use to enterprises than previous cellular connectivity standards. In addition to increased data throughput, 5G can enable a wide range of new use cases for enterprises.

What’s in the report?

  • How 5G will revolutionise Enterprise Connectivity

  • What are the 5 key benefits of 5G connectivity?

  • Learn how 5G’s multiple frequencies bring capability-based connectivity

  • How 5G’s low latency will supercharge cloud and edge processing

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Get expert advice on

What is Massive MIMO and how does it impact IoT networks?

What are the equipment requirements for a 5G network?

What are the new business models enabled by 5G?

mmWave vs mid-band vs low-band – which is best for your use case?

How to get the most out of network slicing

“Enterprises take time to embrace new technologies, but 5G appears to have captured their attention at an early stage. Even though 5G was only introduced to the market for the first time in 2019, 36% of enterprises already believe 5G networks will be transformational.”

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